FIFA 19 will have a new shot on target, the 'Timed Finishing'

The EA football simulator for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will have among its main novelties a new shot that will require precision.

EA Sports, among the inovation in licences , has added a new type of shot on target to the new delivery of its soccer simulator, FIFA 19 Ultimate team Coins Hack, called Timed Finishing , as we have seen in a presentation organized by the company in the Metropolitan Wanda, the stadium of the Altético de Madrid.

This type of shot requires precision on the part of the player when looking for the goal. After pressing the shot-to-door button, we can press it again when the player's foot or head makes contact with the ball, thus gaining more power and precision in the shot.

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An indicator that will represent the quality of the shot will be displayed on the screen . If it is green it means that it has gone well, and the accuracy and power will be increased drastically. If it goes white, it will not be wrong, but the effectiveness of the shot will be less than if we had not used the Timed Finishing . Worse still is if it comes out red, which will be equivalent to lack of power and direction.

"Its creators have alluded at all times to that it is a totally optional mechanics", counts in his impressions of FIFA 19 our comrade Alejandro Castillo., "Thought for those who want to take their style of game to competitive lands".


"However, during our games, we were able to successfully complete more than one shot. Although at the beginning it is difficult to tame, once past the first couple of games it is relatively easy to plug these guns from outside the area ".

We will have to wait to see a more finalized version of FIFA 19 to see how Electronic Arts has been implementing this new functionality in the soccer simulator.

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FIFA 19 will arrive on September 28 to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ; in this last platform there will be improvements with respect to the delivery of the previous year, but will continue without using the Frostbite engine. That same month will also come a demo with 9 teams.